Executive Search Firm in Nashville

Our Industry

3 Strands Search Partners was established as a boutique executive search firm in July 2004, on a foundation of 10 prior years in the Executive Search division of the second oldest company in Nashville, Tennessee. From inception the 3SSP mission has been to build top-tier national sales teams, from executive level down through individual contributor, for technology firms focused in Financial, Research Advisory, and Legal Software and Services.

Successful Search is built on the exact same foundation as its core product: people. There is no more dynamic product in existence.

Further, sustained success is impossible without an enduring reputation, because people do not forget good or bad service. 3SSP was founded on relationships, and has continued to prosper through three decades of those relationships.

Whether it’s the people running a company or producing for it….it’s people that are always the company’s most valuable asset. Our business, our livelihood, is putting the right people with the right people. It’s all we do, all the time.

What’s in a Name?

The 3 Strands name is inspired by a passage in the book of Ecclesiastes, which states:  “…a cord of three strands is not easily broken.” For us, there is a business context intertwined – every successful placement requires the right candidate, the right client, and the right search professional. All three parties, woven together, every time.