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The Best Hiring Matches

At 3 Strands Search Partners, we provide technology companies in multiple sectors with top-tier candidates who specialize in selling and leading sales of technology solutions.

Our search and placement process empowers us to make only the best hiring matches. As your headhunting partner, we will schedule a discovery meeting in order to understand your company culture and the unique objectives associated with each of your openings. Then we will work with your hiring managers to define the ideal candidate for each opening.

Our unique engaged search model has not only proven highly effective at finding the right candidates at the fastest possible pace. It has become the cornerstone for building the trust required to develop and maintain long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with our client companies.


“Eric Dunlop is the very best career counselor/sales leader recruiter in the US. He has personally placed some of the top talent to ever carry a bag including yours truly and 12-15 of the best sales guys I’ve ever worked with, worked for, and led. I have worked with Eric as a candidate and as a hiring manager and he always comes through in a big way with sales reps and sales leaders. For the 20+ years I have known him, Eric has delivered and is a great guy to know.”
J. Dru Davidson - VP US Sales, CoStar Group

“Eric takes the time to understand our business and then matches talent with our needs. He has effectively placed more than 60 candidates with LN over his many years working with our business. Just as important, many of his placements have progressed through our organization to become senior leaders. He is providing talent for current openings and future growth. That is a powerful combination. I would add that in addition to the results, Eric operates with a great deal of integrity.”

Tom Ogburn - Chief Commercial Officer, Science and Medicine Group

“I have worked with Eric in different capacities for 18 years. He has always been THE go-to guy for the right candidates quickly, even in cases where I have needed help building my own national teams. In my most recent VP Sales role, he brought 12 candidates to the table, we hired 6, and all are flourishing to this day. Eric takes the time to understand the needs and the process, and to find the exact skill sets we’re seeking. No one executes the presentation/interview/offer process better than Eric…while taking an absolute minimum of time from busy team leaders. We had a handful of outside recruiters when Eric came into the picture and now we have one. If you have Eric engaged on your search, you don’t need anyone else.”

Jim Wrigley - Sales Executive & Coach,
“I first received a call from Eric in his third week as a headhunter in January 1993. Little did I know just how significant that call would be for my career, for my professional development, and for fulfilling my dreams and aspirations. I have had the pleasure of working with Eric on both sides of the recruiting table: from helping me fulfill the next career assignment to helping me find the right talent for my own organizational needs. Eric is a partner who effectively listens, strives for clarity, challenges when appropriate, and drives for the most positive outcome for all involved. He is a consummate professional who cares about optimizing human potential. If you get an opportunity to work with Eric, say “YES!” I am so grateful that I did!”
Holly D. Jenkins - Managing Director, Root, Inc. (Willis Towers Watson)

“I have worked with Eric as head of sales at two different companies. In both cases, he helped find aces for me to insert into my team. Eric understands well the company story, its value proposition to the candidate and the various players at the firm. He is also adept at finding great talent that isn’t looking to make a move. Eric is a true recruiter in that sense. Finally, he has worked hard to forge a true relationship with me. I know that he thinks about the best long-term interest of me and my firm every time we engage.”

Steve Soukup - Chief Revenue Officer & CEO, DefenseStorm

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